2018 Citizen of the Year

Name: Kris Musselman, Manton's director of Public Works

Community Involvement: Runs the Manton Pop Warner Football program, is involved with the community through the Department of Public
Works, volunteers at local schools through athletic programs.

About Him: Musselman has lived in Manton his entire life. Between he and his wife, they have had six kids go through the schools'
programs. “We have always been involved one way or another,‘ he said. Moffit said the Citizen of the Year Award is for someone who is not
necessarily recognized on a day-to-day basis but whose contributions should be recognized as a whole. Musselman has been involved in
the community a great deal, including the city’s water project, and he was also instrumental in getting the walk bridge put over the dam,
Moffit said. Musselman, who also coaches and volunteers with youths, said he felt very grateful to get the award. He does not do volunteer
work to get recognized, and he’s usually a little more reserved, but this still felt nice. “It’s very nice to get recognized for accomplishments
you have done, he said.
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Name: Leonard Morrow, Manton Consolidated Schools superintendent

Community Involvement: Member of the Rotary Club, has been on a local church board and taught Sunday school, has volunteered for
Feeding America, has done a variety of things with school fundraisers and is involved with anything the school can do to help students and
the community.

About Him: Candidates have to meet certain criteria to qualify for the humanitarian award, and Morrow definitely fits the volunteering
category. Moffit said Morrow is a dedicated volunteer and promotes human welfare through working at the school. He’s active within the
community, gives back and truly believes everyone is unique. “He is motivated to give all to the children and families in Manton,‘ he said.
Morrow attended Manton schools while he was growing up and graduated in 1991. He went to Michigan State University and then taught in
Lansing and Cadillac for a couple of years. He returned to Manton to teach in 2000 and since then has served as an elementary school
principal, high school principal and now as superintendent. He said the members of the chamber of commerce are great humanitarians
who give so much to the community, so to receive the award from them was pretty humbling. He said Kris Musselman put it best when he
said they don’t do these things for the award, they do it because it’s the right thing to do and it’s good for the community. He said he’s
thankful for his family, as they’re often there with doing these volunteer events. “This (award) is as much for my family as it is for me,‘ he
said. “It is a huge honor.‘